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Sick, Emaciated Dog Named Travolta Adopted By Veterinarian

An emaciated dog about to die came to an animal hospital in Kentucky earlier this month.

The doctor at the emergency room soon administered first aid treatment to the dog and gave it a name.


The receptionist asked Emily Bewley, DVM, who was working that day, “Can we name him Travolta? Because this guy is staying alive.”

Emily Bewley was the individual credited with saving Travolta’s life.

Emily adopted him last week on Valentine’s Day. Now, Travolta, the dog, is having a good time at her place with his human and animal family members and wearing matching clothes with his mother.

Bewley tells Daily Paws, “He lived up to his name.”

The skinny, hungry dog was lying on the side of a road when an Uber driver lifted him into his car and brought him to the ‘Jefferson Animal Hospital’ in Louisville.

Bewley, a veterinarian from the Kentucky Humane Society who works at the hospital over the weekend, signed him in under her name because he had no owner.

Travolta was in pretty bad shape. His fur was covered in fecal material, and maggots were crawling on his body. Bewley says he also had multiple infections near his scrotum, including a severe one.

She says, “Nobody knows anything about how he got there.”

Travolta was about one year old at the time and did not need invasive surgery, but he needed to be cleaned and put on antibiotics and an IV drip.

He started eating and drinking water in small amounts to allow his body to adjust to taking in nutrients again.

Bewley took Travolta home that night and he began to put on more weight. Many had volunteered to adopt him, but Bewley wanted to keep him.

She says, “Nothing was good enough for Travolta in my mind.”


Travolta became very close with her sons, and Bewley decided to adopt him. The super-goofy dog loves cuddles, making Ewok-type noises.

He also enjoys a bespoke wardrobe of sweaters, including a tie-dye number that matches his mother.

“Sometimes magical things happen when you step in to help someone else.”