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Seven Food Swaps For Allergy Sufferers

Millions of Americans suffer from food allergies.

We have compiled some DIY hacks and shopping tips to help you avoid the things that can trigger your allergies when you are entertaining, packing lunches, or managing one.


Make a flax “egg” by mixing one tablespoon of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water and using it as a substitute for some baking. Stir it for 15 minutes, then add it.

Make your baking easier with Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer, a powder that’s primarily potato starch and tapioca flour. It mimics the flavor and texture of beaten eggs surprisingly well. The seeds will dissolve. Choose a plant-based egg substitute, like Just Egg, for egg-forward preparations like frittatas and scrambles.

Source: Canva. com


Wheat contains gluten, so anything gluten-free will also be wheat-free. Canyon Bakehouse makes traditional bready textures for bagels, buns, and sliced bread. Avoid using soy sauce with wheat; use tamari or coconut aminos instead.

Cow’s Milk

Most mammals’ milk contains proteins that trigger allergies, so try plant-based options like almonds, coconut, or rice. For more protein, go for soy or pea milk, which both offer eight grams. Ensure your milk is fortified with calcium and vitamin D, just like cow’s milk.


Coconut aminos are a good substitute for soy sauce. This sap comes from coconut palms, is a little thicker and sweeter than ordinary sap, and has less salt but still has a strong umami flavor.

Nut and Seed Butters

Sunflower butter is often an allergen alternative to peanut and almond butter. Choose a butter with peas or chickpeas, such as NoNuts Golden Peabutter, the Amazing Chickpea, or Finally Chickpea Butter, to avoid nuts and seeds. It is similar in texture to peanut butter, and while its taste may not fool you in a PB&J, it works well in cookies and bars.

Source: Canva. com


It is now possible to buy vegan seafood. Good Catch salmon burgers and fish sticks contain soy and pea proteins. Instead of seafood, try canned hearts of palm in crab cakes. Despite the tangy flavor, the texture is similar. Replace white fish fillets with Upton’s Naturals Banana Blossoms.


It can be tricky to eat chocolate if you have allergies because it is often made with dairy and on equipment that processes nuts. You can find allergen-free chocolate chips and snacks under the Enjoy Life brand. offers holiday candy, truffles, caramels, and fudge made from chocolate without nuts.