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Serious Hikers Only: The World’s Most Dangerous Trail For Your Bucket List

After being wrapped in caution tape for 15 years, the Caminito del Rey has now reopened for serious hikers. Haphazardly pinned to the edge of a gorge in Southern Spain, its thrill is enticing and its beauty unmatched. Here’s what you should know about it.

The World’s Most Dangerous Path

The Caminito closed two seasons in after five seasoned hikers plummeted to their deaths. Closed since 2001, it’s now reopened with much tighter safety regulations.

The path has been widened to three feet and is now steel bolted to the side of the gorge. The new estimated completion time for visitors is three to four hours. If you’ve made the climb before and desire to return, this time you’ll be handed a helmet.

The Climax

The climax of the climb is the 300-foot drop with a grandeur view of the El Chorro Gorge. Since its 2015 reopening, 600,000 foreigners have attempted, all surviving to share stories of its glory.

There is one section of the climb that some are never brave enough to risk: A glass platform where hikers can stand directly over the drop. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

How To Secure Your Spot

There are two easy steps to securing your spot for the world’s craziest climb: Call and make a reservation for the day you wish to visit and pay the $11 entrance fee. For you type-A personalities, Google maps released an exploration of the walkway. Now you’ll have all you need to understand what exactly you’re getting into before committing.

“When I made the hike, the trail was ready to crumble at any moment. Sadly the adventurous spirit of the Caminito has changed now that it’s fixed up,” said professional climber Matthew Karsten.

Even with the renovations, it still takes a daredevil to make this climb!