The Worst States To Retire in, Ranked

#32: Oregon

If you’re dreaming of living out your golden years somewhere with a stretch of beaches, incredible food, and plenty of outdoorsy activities to try, Oregon sounds spectacular. With mountains and trails, beaches that gaze upon the Pacific Ocean, and a growing food scene, there’s a lot to experience.

However, it isn’t cheap or affordable to live in Oregon. This state is becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages, and that’s driving the cost of living up higher and higher. Right now, the cost of living in Oregon is nearly 20 percent higher than the national average.

And home prices are continuing to increase in popular cities like Portland, which makes it even harder for retirees to find an affordable home. Even on a full-time salary, Oregon residents are struggling to afford even a one-bedroom apartment.

To make matters even worse for retirees, the Oregon healthcare system is in dire straights. The state is struggling to provide quality care at a price residents can afford, so seniors would need to expect to experience one of the worst healthcare systems in America.

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#31: Arkansas

The South might seem warm and wonderful to retirees in search of a new hometown. With lakes to enjoy and plenty of cozy suburban towns that are perfect for senior citizens looking for a slower pace in life, there’s a lot to like about Arkansas.

But before you pack up and move, consider this: poverty for older adults is incredibly high in Arkansas. More than 10 percent of this state’s senior population is living in poverty. Though the cost of living is low, there are few opportunities for more active seniors to make money or find something fulfilling.

On top of this, healthcare is a serious problem in the state. Arkansas’ healthcare may be cheap, but it isn’t good. In fact, the state ranks 50th in the country, making it the absolute worst in quality of healthcare. And it’s considered to lead to a poor quality of life for senior citizens too.

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#30: Vermont

If there’s a state that offers unexpected beauty, it’s Vermont. This northeastern state is home to some of the country’s most beautifully scenic views each spring and fall as the seasons change and foliage changes. But don’t the let the ski resorts, farmers’ markets, and autumn leaves sway you — Vermont isn’t a good place to live if you’re retiring.

Though it’s a relatively small state, it’s a very expensive one. It has a sky-high cost of living, which makes it incredibly expensive for seniors on limited incomes. Some say it’s even the least affordable state in all of America.

Part of this is because Vermont’s residents are so heavily taxed. And seniors get the brunt of these taxes: retirees are taxed on Social Security benefits, retirement income, and even healthcare costs. On top of these yearly taxes, you’ll also have to pay more for absolutely everything, from groceries to your apartment or mortgage payment.

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