Secret Invasion Is Coming To Disney+

The recent Disney Investor Day 2020 made a lot of significant announcements and confirmations of the online streaming services plans that have been set in motion for 2021 by the House of Mouse.

Among the many series announced to be in the works was an adaptation of a live-action tv series slated to appear on Disney+, based on the Marvel Comic miniseries titled Secret Invasion.

Along with the series announcement came the confirmation that Samuel L Jackson would be returning to the MCJ as Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as Talos.

Image: We Got This Covered

Fans have been talking about the Secret Invasion series’s adaptation ever since the introduction of the Skrulls into the MCU with the Captain Marvel franchise. Seeing that the Skrulls were carried over into the Spider-Man franchise, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and confirmed in the films ending that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were Skrulls themselves.

As it turned out, the Skrulls were employed by the real Nick Fury, this twist in the plot ending cemented the central idea contained within the Secret Invasion comics:  that anyone could unknowingly be a Skrull.

Indeed, the comic book version of the Skrulls differs somewhat from the MCU counterparts, however, it is still possible for the Secret Invasion to work as an adaptation within the MCU.

Image: Game Rant

The storyline itself would require very little origin to establish the backstory, compared to those others that have been adapted.  With that said, fans are buzzing about the possibilities of those characters that may be introduced or even reintroduced into the MCU.

Many believe that producing the series Secret Invasion on Disney+, rather than as a theatrical film, is a more logical choice.  The other MCU series have already established on Disney+ that the characters will be better able to be fleshed out, and their stories told in a more concise manner.