‘Scream Squad’ Helps You Get Through Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Event

There will be terrifying scenes that will leave you feeling frightened this Halloween horror night! Halloween Horror Nights will feature a haunted wharf filled with undead fishermen and a post-apocalyptic subway teeming with hungry mutants.

The idea of attending an event designed solely for scaring is understandable. The HHN is thrillingly fun every year, even for the scaredy cats.

The event’s masterminds are Lora Sauls, manager of the creative development group at Universal Orlando Resort, and Matt Flood, a senior show director.

Sauls said, “I have one good tip I gave my niece, who was a scaredy cat the first time she came to HHN. “Don’t act like a scaredy cat.”

Flood reminds HHN is fun. Flood says, “When you get scared and have that moment of screaming, the laugh comes soon after. That’s the thing you always have to remember.”

Before visiting, you should also familiarize yourself with the contents of each house: They address different types of fears, from flying insects to jump scares.

An excellent way to understand the event is to know how it works. It’s impossible to avoid weird characters in the themed “scare zones” set up along the walkways, but one house is terrifying. Besides scares, there will be Halloween-themed shows, delicious food, drinks, and HHN-themed merchandise to explore.

The Haunted Houses

In addition to Hollywood films, the haunted houses at HHN also contain original intellectual properties created by Universal.

The concept and sketch-ups begin more than a year before the event. The HHN team includes costume, scenic, makeup, and prosthetic designers. It feels like you’re stepping onto a movie set, and many are on working sound stages.

There is a wide range of houses this year, from the eerie Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake to Halloween, Flood’s favorite.

The Scare Zones

The five scare zones will surely scare you if you’re exploring HHN for the first time. Though they have scary actors inside, they feel less haunting than dimly-lit houses because of their backstories.

The Shows

Two HHN shows are all treats and no tricks – perfect for scaredy cats. Ghoulish! Universal Studios Lagoon hosts a Halloween Tale with synchronized projections and water.

Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire blends acrobatics, dances, and rock and metal music to create a thrilling stage show.

The most important thing to remember is that HHN is controlled chaos. The entry fee to this after-hours event grants Universal Orlando permission to scare you into a safe environment.