Scott Derrickson Not Returning to Direct “Doctor Strange 2”

Back in 2016, Scott Derrickson delivered a heavy dose of magical trippiness to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the addition of “Doctor Strange.” The character of Stephen Strange learned the magical way of manipulating realms and maintaining order when it came to beings from other dimensions. While it seems that Benedict Cumberbatch will still be returning to the role for the inevitable sequel, it seems that the original director won’t be returning.

Scott Derrickson announced that he wouldn’t be continuing on with the Doctor Strange sequel, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” He made the announcement over Twitter that he has split with the film over creative differences. This is not the first time a director has left over such differences. Edgar Wright had been pushing for years to do an Ant-Man movie, long before the MCU. But when Disney finally gave him the go-ahead for the film, he soon left the project over his distaste in how the film was meant to tie in with the rest of the connected universe. This also happened with Patty Jenkins leaving the production of “Thor: The Dark World.”

Image: Inverse

So what exactly led to Derrickson dropping the project? It could be speculated that Disney wanted to take a heavy investment in this picture as what Marvel Studios Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige said about the film being a lynchpin for Phase 4. There was also talk that Derrickson was going to play up more of the horror angle and that’s something that doesn’t seem as common a genre for the current crop of MCU pictures.

At this time, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is still on for a theatrical debut of May 7, 2021.