Schwarzenegger And Friends Speak Out On Self-Isolating

It seems that all we are hearing about lately is the developing news on the CoVid-19 infection. 

However, on iconic fan-favorite decided to take the chance to offer up tips on the coronavirus, and he brought along a couple of cute friends. 

Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, put out his own message on the virus, and he included his barnyard pals Whiskey and Lulu.

The local government in California has taken a drastic approach, including the closing of just about everything, including bars, gyms, movie theaters, casinos, and other such businesses to prevent the state’s residences from gathering and instead staying home.

Wanting to do part, Schwarzeneggar has decided to make his own little video, which shows just how easy it is to self-isolate during this most troubling and stressful time.  The actor took to Twitter offering:

“Stay at home as much as possible.  Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads).  We will get through this together.”

As the virus continues to run rampant across the country, citizens are urged to remain indoors, only venturing out to work and the grocery store. 

The CDC has also strongly suggested that residents make every effort to avoid any gatherings of 50 or more people at least the new eight weeks.

There is no denying that life as we know it will not be the same for quite some time into the foreseeable future. 

It is for this reason that Schwarzenegger wants everyone to know that self-isolating is not all that bad. 

Arnold being 72-years-old falls in the age category that puts him personally at risk.  In his video, Schwarzeneggar brought his barnyard friends, Whiskey and LuLu, into the house. 

The three pals munched on carrots as Schwarzeneggar took the opportunity to remind viewers to stay at home, eat at home, and be safe.