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Salvation Army Returns Wedding Ring Dropped in Kettle By Mistake

The Salvation Army doesn’t typically return donations it receives. After all, this time of year they need all the donations they can get. But they made an exception earlier this week when a Tulsa, Oklahoma man accidentally dropped his wife’s wedding ring in a Salvation Army collection kettle.

The woman, who declined to be identified, says she was undergoing an outpatient procedure at a Tulsa hospital. She forgot until right before the procedure that she needed to talk off her wedding ring. So she handed the ring to her husband for safekeeping, or so she thought.

The woman’s husband put the ring in his pocket. Later that day, he took all the change in his pocket and dropped it in a Salvation Army collection kettle. Without realizing it, he accidentally threw his wife’s ring into the kettle along with his coins.


Upon returning home, the man quickly realized that he didn’t have the ring anymore. He retraced his steps and figured that the ring must have been thrown into the kettle. His wife wasted no time in calling the Salvation Army.

“So she called us, just frantic. ‘Oh my gosh, please. Do you have it?'” recalls Captain Ken Chapman of the Salvation Army. “So we count the kettles the next morning, find her ring, gave it to her, and she gave us a $100 donation.”

It’s not unusual for odd items to end up in the collection kettles, says Chapman. But it’s not every day that a wedding ring can be found amidst all the donations.

“We have a little collection in our counting room of all the weird things we get in the kettle,” says Chapman.

Since getting her ring back from the Salvation Army, the woman says she is yet to take it off, not even once.