Sally Hansen Announces Sour Patch Kids Nail Polish Collection

Attention Sour Patch Kids lovers! Your favorite sour candy is coming back in a brand new form! The popular sour candy is a popualr treat for people who would rather have a sour treat than a sweet one, and it is super popular with kids. Sour Patch Kids are also available in bright colors with a variety of fun flavors.

Now, Sour Patch Kids is teaming up with Sally Hansen nail polish to bring the color to your hands as well. These fun colors are a perfect option for Halloween! In fact, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish line will include a collection of seven vibrant shades including green, purple, orange, red, white, blue and black.

Each bottle will include both the Sally Hansen brand and the Sour Patch Kids logo on the bottle.  Also, each color will have it’s own Halloween inspired name. There is the  R.I.P-urple which is an electric shade of purple. The Un-red is a blood red option. Pump-kid is neon orange color, Hallogreen is very bright green, Ghouls Night Out is a smooth black and Boo-lue is a zingy shade of blue.


The white color is probably the most unique and it’s called First Sour, Then Sweet, which is a clear polish that feature white sugar glitter to mimic the sugar that coats the outside of the Sour Patch Kids candies. The best part of these products is that the nail polish dries in just sixty seconds so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your nails.

Right now, the entire Sally Hansen and Sour Patch Kids nail polish collection is available at all Walgreens stores. Each bottle has a retail price of $5.79, and you can apply two coats of each color for an added element of shine. You can also layer the colors to create fun designs.