Rumors Of New Recurring Character For The MCU

Suppose we were to pretend that Terrance Howard and Edward Norton were never connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In that case, we could undeniably say that Marvel is spot on when it comes to casting for their characters.

From the enormous talent to the supporting cast members, the casting executives at Marvel have been at the top of what they do—providing a rather impressive onscreen talent roster.

Marvel has taken the route of striking that precarious balance between relative unknown actors coupled with untapped potential at stardom, along with those character actors that are quickly recognized as well as veteran actors who bring their own brand of gravitas.

This trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, as it appears to be continuing with the new series Secret Invasion, which started principal filming in the U.K.

Image: Deadline

The series will also mark the first project with Marvel that actor Samuel L Jackson will be billed as the top lead actor—after thirteen appearances within the MCU.

Jackson will be joined by various well-known actors, most notably Kingsley Ben-Adir (One Night in Miami).  Also, well-knowns Emilia Clark and Ben Mendelsohn will join the cast, along with Olivia Colman, who has an Academy Award win to her name.  These additions alone would fuel the interest of their individual fans and those of the MCU as well.

A recent report of interest claims that Colman is slated to become a recurring character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall, but it has not been indicated just which character she will be portraying.

The report did state that her character would work in the shadows, much like Nick Fury does, which means she could portray a S.H.I.E.L.D. or a S.W.O.R.D. Agent or maybe even a Skrull.

The details and specifics of the series remain on serious lockdown at this time, but fans are hoping to learn more during the upcoming November Disney Plus Day.