Ridley Scott Confirms A Possible Sequel To Oscar Hit Gladiator

It seems that reportedly Ridley Scott has begun pre-production work on a sequel to the Oscar hit Gladiator.  However, there is no mention of Russell Crowe being connected to the movie.

Crowe not being connected is really no surprise since his character, Maximum, died in the original Gladiator movie, as did Commodus.  So, who will be the main featured character of the sequel?  It is rumored to be that of Lucius, son of Connie Neilsens Lucilla, and nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus.

Image: Screenrant

According to Deadline Scott wants to have his film company Scott Free attached to the movie and has even expressed interest in directing the sequel as well.  Peter Craig has been rumored to have been tapped to write the script for the sequel, having also scripted the upcoming sequel to Top Gun titled Maverick.

Reports also indicate that Paramount is in line to develop the project, with Universal being given the option to co-finance should they so wish.  However, in a surprising move, the producer of the original Gladiator, Dreamworks, is being said to not be involved with the sequel this time around.

Image: Mental Floss

The original Gladiator, which was released in 2000, met a massive success with winning five Oscars, including best picture, best actor (for Russell Crowe) along with three other Oscars as well.   It won for Best Picture at the BAFTA’s and Golden Globes as well.

Although Scott was reported to have previously said he wanted to bring back Crowe for the sequel, that was pretty much in doubt, since his character met such a final ending in the original movie.

Gladiator as of yet has no official date of beginning production, an official title, or any indication of a possible release date.