Rice Krispies Introduces Caramel Poppers Flavor

Last year, the Rice Krispies cereal showed up on grocery store shelves in a whole new format. As a snack friendly bag of individual flavored and covered rice krispies bites. These new snacks were called Rice Krispies Poppables, due to the ease at which these treats can simply be popped into the mouth.

At the time of the new product release, one a few flavors were available, including chocolate, cookies n’ creme, and vanilla creme. The Rice Krispies Poppables are available in a large, blue box, similar to the Rice Krispies packaging, and each box includes ten small pouches of the chosen flavor. So one box includes all of one flavor. Also, these boxes can be found in smaller sizes, as well, with boxes of just five pouches for sale at major retailers.

The newest Poppables flavor to be announced in the Rice Krispies Caramel Poppable, and they have already been found on store shelves by popular snack centric social media pages. Each bag contains one hundred and thirty calories, and a handful of small rice krispies marshmallow treats covered in caramel flavor.


The smaller boxes of Rice Krispies Poppables can be found for sale at retailers like Target and Walmart, and have a retail price of about four dollars per box. Each flavor also has a different color bag on the bottom half of the package, to help differentiate the flavors. The caramel flavor has a mint green color on the package, while the chocolate is a royal purple, while the vanilla is the light blue and the cookies n’ creme is a dark blue.

These popular Rice Krispie and marshmallow treats are a great snack to toss into a school lunchbox or have as a quick afternoon snack. They are not a limited edition item, so these Poppables appear to be on the snack aisle to stay. There is no word on whether more flavors will be coming in 2020 or the future.