Reduce Your Gym Time In Half With This Workout Hack

How about breathing new life into your workouts without having to reinvent them from scratch or spending your last paycheck on new equipment or trainers?

Why don’t you try Supersets? It’s a simple tweak that yields results.

In the era of strength training, supersets are popular for a reason: Brittany Watts, CPT, a personal trainer, said, “Supersets increase your muscular endurance and allow you to burn more calories efficiently.”

Supersets reduce your rest time, saving you time and enhancing your fitness. How can you use supersets to boost your performance?

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Superset: What Is It?

A superset consists of back-to-back exercises. Riley O’Donnell, CPT, an instructor, said, “A superset is just a way to program your workout in which you go from one exercise right into another, with no rest in between.”

Instead of performing multiple sets of one move and resting in between, you pair both exercises together and relax after completing both-effectively halving the resting time.

How Can Supersets Benefit You?

The most crucial benefit of this format is that you sweat more and work your muscles more efficiently. Donnell says, “You can fit more exercises in a shorter time, making your workout more efficient.”

  • Faster workouts
  • Smiles all around
  • They work well.
  • Enhancing endurance
  • It burns more calories

Supersets Are For Whom?

Your workout burns more calories if you spend more time moving. Strength trainers recommend supersets, O’Donnell says. Strength training might also appeal to cardio people because there’s little downtime.

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How Should I Pair Exercises In A Superset?

O’Donnell loves supersets that combine upper body push-pull moves with lower body hip-and-knee exercises. Try a deadlift, a squat, a hamstring curl, and a leg extension for the lower body. An upper body exercise might be a chest press, bent-over row, or pushups.

Incorporating Supersets Into Your Routine

You can quickly turn your workout into a superset if you already have a handful of go-to moves you pull in strength training workouts.  O’Donnell recommends using kettlebell swings, med ball slams, or box jumps to get your heart rate up after your superset.