Ranch Dressing and Fried Chicken Pool Floats Are A Thing

Summer is nearly here! The weather outside includes warmer temperatures, sunny skies and the perfect situation for lounging by the pool. Pools are an excellent way to stay cool in the heat of the summer, and tanning and lounging in the pool is made even easier by the existence of pool floats.

Pool floats are generally lounge chair sized large pieces of clear plastic which are big enough for people to lay on in the sun. Pool floats are one of the most popular pool accessories across the United States, and they come in thousands of different forms and shapes. The days of the rectangular clear plastic pool floats are over. Now you can buy pool floats in almost any shape, like swans, donuts, pieces of chicken and even Ranch dressing bottles.


Hidden Valley, the company behind the popular Ranch dressing line, is releasing a line of summer merchandise in 2019, which includes a giant pool float shaped exactly like a Ranch dressing bottle. The shape of the float is the same shape of the well-known bottle. This includes the green top with the logo and all the white text saying “You either love it or you really love it” as well as the blue colors in the background of the logo. The photo in the center has a simple blue and green background with “Ranch” on the front.

For Cracker Barrel lovers, the iconic restaurant chain recently unveiled a fried chicken leg shaped pool float. The float is rather skinny, with the chicken bone at one end and the chicken leg top with a bite out of it on the other end. The Cracker Barrel logo is visible on a white background where the chicken bone would usually be. The top of the chicken leg is two different shades of orange and the entire float is rimmed with brown color.

The Ranch float is available to purchase online from Hidden Valley Ranch, while the Cracker Barrel float is actually a limited edition item customers can win in a contest.