Rage Yoga Exists And It Includes Cursing And Beer

Yoga is well known as a relaxing experience for most people. It generally involves stretching and breathing techniques with soothing music. Yoga is a simple and efficient exercise for all types of people, although it is a favorite of women of all ages.

There are also different types of yoga. Some yoga is based on different types of moves, or includes practicing yoga in extreme heat called hot yoga. But overall, no matter what kind of yoga you choose, it is a calming experience. One yoga teacher is about to change that.

Now, rage yoga exists. That’s right: rage yoga. It’s yoga, with all of its stretches, but with a bunch of attitude. Rage yoga is all about letting all the rage out, inside of trying to calm yourself from the outside. The traditional hand motions in yoga are replaced with hand gestures usually seen at rock concerts.  Rage yoga actually has its origins in Canada, and recently moved into the United States and is slowly gaining popularity.


According to yoga instructor Amanda Kauffman, she stumbled across the idea a few years back, and recently made it a reality in her native Kansas City. “It’s a little bit different than your traditional yoga. You have dim lights, you have soft music. This is the complete opposite.”

She currently teaches yoga at Cinder Block Brewery, and her class on Monday night completed their yoga on their individual mats with a beer as well. Instead of water during breaks, her yoga class sipped on beer. Kaufmann explained that mental health is a big part of yoga, and letting out your rage and emotion can be a healthy way to deal with it. She said, “We’ll be listening to loud explicit music, we will be cussing, using profanity, yelling, screaming, just letting all the negative energy out tonight. That’s the goal.”