Health Hacks

Protect Your Health By Never Microwaving These Common Foods

The microwave is one of the most useful kitchen appliances available. You can have your leftovers and eat them too, and only in a matter of minutes! Although you may be tempted to nuke all of your favorite foods to make them warm and tasty, there are some reasons you may want to take a step away from the microwave.

Avoid microwaving these three foods at all costs—your health may depend on it!

Avoid Extreme Heat When It Comes To Your Spiciest Foods

Chili peppers may provide a delicious kick to many meals, but it’s best to keep them far away from the microwave. The compound that gives peppers their heat—capsaicin—vaporizes when it is exposed to the intense heat of the microwave. Avoid these spicy fumes at all costs—you are better over cooking up a stir-fry over the stove!

Your Go-To Picnic Snacks Belong On The Grill

Although cooking a hot dog in the microwave may give you a quick bite to eat, it is best to avoid nuking this fan favorite. Processed meats become even more dangerous by exposing them to microwave heat.

Besides the obvious preservatives, microwaving processed meat can cause cholesterol oxidation products (COPs) to form. Exposure to COPs has been linked to coronary heart disease, so you should stick to stovetop or grilled dogs on a summer day.

Keep A Kettle Handy To Avoid Health Hazards

Although you may not want to wait for your kettle to warm up for a nice cup of tea, heating up water in the microwave is a big no-no. Microwaving a mug of water can lead it to superheat, which means extreme temperatures without the boiling.

Once you add a teabag into the equation this can lead the water to boil over or explode really quickly, which can result in burns to your body. Making tea the old-fashioned way is always best!