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Proper Care Of A Tattoo Is Vital

Tattoos, as a rule, are works of art that will last an entire lifetime, and beyond.  And tattoo artist will tell you that the most essential step to ensuring the longevity of the inked art is that prospering for the tattoo during its healing process.  It is vital to understand that during that healing period, the product used is important.

After having your tattoo applied, many artists out there will recommend the use of Dial soap to cleanse the tattoo, followed by the open skin being sealed with Aquaphor.  Aquaphor plays a significant role in that it provides both a form of hydration as well as a defensive barrier against infection.

Keep in mind, that once the healing is over, or if your skin begins to peel or flake, it is suggested that you then switch over to an unscented, gentle lotion.  Unlike Aquaphor, your healing skin needs to be able to breathe, and lotion offers this, along with hydration.

Not all unscented lotions, unfortunately, are not created equal.  However, there is one out there on the market that works well for the post-tattoo care.  The product is After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer.  Billed at both vegan, as well as cruelty-free, the moisturizer offers natural, hydrating oils that will moisturize the skin without causing a clogging problem.

Image: After Inked

Best of all, the lotion is free off all those pesky ingredients that most lotion users detest, including fragrances, parabens, coconut oil, and, most of all, petroleum.  All of these ingredients are major no-no’s when it comes to caring for your tattoo as it is healing.

If you choose to continue to use standard lotions, make sure to keep from over-applying the product.  This will only lead to problems such as itching, dryness, and much discomfort.  However, when using After Inked, you will have peace of mind that the lotion is both dermatologically and clinically tested.