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Propagating Lavender For Benefit Of Endless Blooms

Lavender is not only an ornamental herb but, in many gardens, a much-loved staple.  The herb will fill the air with the sweetest fragrances that will aid in the attraction of nature’s pollinators.  This article will look at how to get more lavender from your garden, year after year.

Many may be asking themselves:  why would I want more lavender?  The real question is:  why wouldn’t you want more?  Widely known for its properties of easing stress and insomnia, lavender if one of the most loved scents in aromatherapy today.

A small brown bottle on a table surrounded by sprigs of lavender blooms

Image: Medical News Today

Although most have heard of using the herb in aromatherapy, many are not aware that its delicate floral taste makes it a great addition when cooking.  There are those individuals who grow lavender solely for culinary use.

Lavender is a simple herb to grow in the garden, as it is both hardy and resistant to drought conditions.  The herb is also a proven low maintenance plant.  Lavender, as it turns out, is also resistant to both deer and rabbits.

Bees absolutely love lavender, so if you are looking for something for your local pollinators as well, lavender is a perfect choice.

Lavender is extremely easy to grow in that an entire garden of the herb can be produced from a single cutting or plant.  When propagating from a cutting, you need to make sure that the cutting you select is the proper one.

Lady kneeling down to tend to a lavender plant

Image: House Beautiful

To get the best possible results, make sure to only take cuttings from the healthy part of the original plant—free from both diseases and pests.

Lavender has both softwood and hardwood—you will be trimming from the softwood only.  Softwood is lighter in color and much more flexible than its counterpart hardwood.

Once you have your cutting, you will then plant it in a container or directly into the ground.  All that is required is the occasional watering, and you can set back and enjoy the newest herb addition to your garden.