Pop-Tarts Unveils Sweet and Salty Pretzel Option

Pop-Tarts are one the most recognized and nostalgic breakfast foods in America. Most people know the deliciousness of this sweet and sugary tart that can easily be popped into the microwave for a quick meal.

Pop-Tarts are available in dozens of flavors like strawberry and chocolate as well as more seasonal flavors and collaborations like Oreo Pop-Tarts. Now, Pop-Tarts is introducing a new idea all together:  a pretzel Pop-Tart that is salty. All Pop-Tart flavors so far have been sugary, both in the flavored center of the product or through the frosting on top.

Now, Pop-Tarts has introduced the pretzel Pop-Tart, which is a sweet and salty mixture. The toaster pastry will contain a cinnamon sugar filling and drizzles of white frosting on top. However, the pastry will also be covered with pretzel salt, which is typically found on pretzels. The toaster pastry itself will also be a salted pretzel flavor, so customers can expect a salty exterior and a sweet, sugary interior when they take a bite.


In a statement Pop-Tarts explained that, “Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods,” Joe Beauprez, marketing director for Pop-Tarts.” Customers won’t have to wait long to try these few Pop-Tarts out, as they are scheduled to be released in January 2020, in retail and grocery store chains across the United States. They will have a retail price of $3.49.

In addition to the cinnamon-sugar flavor, Pop-Tarts is also releasing a chocolate version, as chocolate is always a winner among loyal fans. This flavor will also be a salted pretzel toasted strudel outside with a gooey, chocolate-filled inside of the Pop-Tart. Each Pop-Tart package will also contain two Pop-Tarts and multiple packages, just like all the other Pop-Tart flavors. These new salty Pop-Tarts will also be a permanent edition of a Pop-Tart flavor.