Pop Tarts Cereal is Back at Walmart

The beloved and quick American breakfast food Pop Tarts is expanding its product base to tackle another popular breakfast meal: cereal. Back in 1994, Pop Tarts actually first released a Pop Tarts cereal, in two flavors. There were frosted brown sugar cinnamon and strawberry. However, the cereal was only available for one year before being discontinued.

Fans enjoyed the Pop Tarts cereal flavors and have been trying to bring the product back ever since, and now the cereal is back. These Pop Tarts cereal flavors will be coming back to grocery store shelves in early 2020, although it’s unclear if the cereal will be back for a limited time or will be here to stay.

Right now, these two new cereal flavors are only available exclusively at Walmart. The frosted brown sugar cinnamon flavor and the strawberry flavor currently have a retail price of $7.28. Customers are able to but the cereal at Walmart stores nationwide, or online at


The new cereals are already available at Walmart stores nationwide, Many images of the two new cereals have already been uploaded to social media websites, generating lots of buzz. Right now, the cereals are only available in a family size box, which is much larger than a regular sized cereal box.

The frosted brown sugar cinnamon flavor is a light brown cereal with a brown sugar cinnamon filling, and a sprinkling of forsting on top of each individual piece of cereal. The strawberry flavor is a lighter pink cereal with a strawberry filling and some pink frosting with pink flakes as well.

All customers have to do is pour the cereal in a bowl and add some milk. There are no toasters necessary and the cereal still tastes like the traditional Pop Tart flavor of either brown sugar or strawberry.