Planning A Spring Break Getaway? Avoid These 3 Places

Ahh, spring break. Is there anything more American? From party-hungry college students to frazzled parents of school-aged kids, spring break is the one short week of the season where we get to let loose before heading back to the stress of work and school for another few months.

If rest and relaxation is what you’re after this vacation, do whatever you can to avoid these overblown spring break destinations!

Disney Theme Parks

It really is a small world when you have to stand in line for upwards of two hours just to get onto a ride. Spring break is the busiest time of year for the world’s most famous Disney theme parks, and the air and hotel fares tend to skyrocket because of it. In fact, you might have to book months or even a year in advance just to secure a space.

Unless you’ve got money to burn and time to waste, opt for a smaller amusement park where you can get more bang for your buck.

New Orleans

There’s no question that New Orleans is an amazing vacation destination. There’s interesting history, delicious food, amazing music on every corner, and terrific nightlife that really does go all night long.

But during spring break, it tends to get filled up with obnoxious fraternity brothers who like to take a little too much advantage of the open-carry liquor laws.

Save the bayou for a less crowded and more laid-back time.


By now, the party-filled beaches of Cancun, Mexico, have become something of a stale cliche.

Yes, it’s cheap to fly there; yes, even the all-inclusive resorts are a reasonable price; yes, the tacos are amazing; and yes, the ocean is crystal clear.

But if you really want a taste of Mexico, try traveling to a quieter coastal town like Tulum instead, where you’ll get all of the good stuff without the “woo!” girls.