Pizza Hut Introduces Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods across the globe. It’s also spawned several popualar fast food chains due to its verastile design and flavors. Pizza is also a food that can easily be modified or mixed with other foods and flavors for an entirely new experience.

Fast food restaurant chains in the United States are also well known for creating mashups of different foods, usually based on well-known food trends at the time or just a shock value of mixing two different types of food together. Stuffed crusts have also become super popular, with cheese lovers enjoying the idea of a cheesy pizza with an even cheesier crust.

Now, Pizza Hut is teaming up with another popular snack food to create a whole new food trend and flavor combination. Cheese cracker Cheez-It and Pizza Hut have created the Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza and Bites for a limited time only, which is a food that will quickly become a staple for local college kids.


The pizza is really a box of four individually Cheez-It shaped pizzas, which are filled with cheese or cheese and pepperoni. The edges are ribbed a bit like the cheese crackers ( with a little bit of added salt) and the dough is real pizza dough which is made with the real Cheez-It dust to resemble and taste like the cracker. Each piece is stuffed with filling and easy to break in half to eat easily.

Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut locations nationwide for a retail price of $6.49. Then on September 24, the chain will add the Cheez-It Bites, which are basically pizza flavored Cheez-Its to it’s five dollar menu. They will be available with marinara sauce and come in the traditional red Pizza Hut box as well.