Pink Is Recovering From Hip Surgery

Pink is back after having hip surgery in Colorado.

Pink posted a photo of herself with weight, a yoga mat, and a mini trampoline in the background detailing the “brutal” healing process and how she is “learning the gift of accepting help” from others.

She began to cry out to the doctors and nurses of the Steadman Clinic at Vail. “Hey, world! It is what 9 hours of sleep and cuddles from my kiddos look like seven days post hip surgery!!”

Pink talks about her husband, motocross competitor Cary Hart “Because I am married to an athlete who has hundreds of surgeries, I get to meet some of the world’s most outstanding doctors. I am not completely grateful.”

Because of this challenge, I happened to meet a woman with cerebral palsy who summits 13,000 ft mountains in her chair. She wrote, “Life always reminds you that most setbacks are just pauses and opportunities to recalibrate and count your blessings. I learned about a blind man that summits Mt. Everest.”

Pink continued, “My journey will be quick and intentional, and I will make a full recovery. Meanwhile, shout to all those on the way to well-being and those who do the magic of the impossible. I am so blessed and impressed by those that face real, complex challenges and alchemize their situation into something magical or meaningful. Have a great day, folks!!! Let the healing begin.”