Pillsbury Unveils Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Flavored Treats For Fall

It’s that time of year again! September is upon us, so the fall flavors are appearing on store shelves with a vengeance. Baking giant Pillsbury is bringing back its ever-popular salted caramel cookies and pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls, so your house can smell like fall in a matter of minutes.

However, this year, Pillsbury is also switching up classic recipes like salted caramel and pumpkin with new infusions that these flavor lovers will need to try out. This year’s Pillsbury limited edition cookie will be the salted caramel apple cookies, which come in a bright green package with pre-cut cookie dough large enough to make twelve big cookies.

These vanilla cookies are filled with bits of tart apple and sweet salted caramel and are ready to bake right out of the box, although Pillsbury recently changed their recipe to include heat-treated four and pasteurized eggs, so the cookie dough is safe to eat.


Next up are the different ready to bake pumpkin cookies! Like every year, Pillsbury is offering a box of sugar cookie with a pumpkin image imprinted on them for fall. These cookies are available in the dairy section of most supermarkets and contain twenty-four pre-cut cookies you can pop right into the oven.

But new this year is the addition of pumpkin cookies, another ready to bake option that contains twelve big cookies with a lot of pumpkin flavor. In addition, the cookies are infused with big cream cheese flavored chips, so it almost tastes like a pumpkin cinnamon roll. The pumpkin cookie box is a little more orange with Halloween inspired images in the background, but the large cookies feature red packaging with leaves falling near the top for autumn and a large pumpkin cookie in the center.

Lastly is the pumpkin spice cinnamon roll. Cinnamon rolls are a classic weekend breakfast staple and pumpkin spice is the most popular flavor or fall. These limited edition rolls come in a big tin with six individual rolls in a call. There is also a large tub of pumpkin spice flavored icing to glaze over the top, as well as pumpkin spice flavor in the dough.