Pillsbury Unveils Caramel Apple Ready to Bake Cookies

October is nearly here, and the seasonal food flavors are beginning to cover grocery store shelves across the country. The ever popular pumpkin spice is available in everything from Starbucks coffee to spice seasonings to candles. Salted caramel is in everything from ice cream to candy bars. And caramel apple is making a comeback in cookie form, and not for the first time.

Pillsbury recently announced that one of their new fall flavors would be salted caramel apple, a mix between the popular salted caramel and caramel apples. These limited edition ready to bake cookies are already available in grocery stores as well as retailers like Walmart and Target. The salted caramel apple flavor is not entirely new though, as it was originally introduced back in 2017 to consumers and was a rather popular flavor.

Once again, these cookies will be available in the larger size, with one bag containing twelve large cookies, although it is possible for customers to keep them smaller. The packaging is light green just like green apples, with the Pillsbury doughboy, the salted caramel apple flavor title, an orange limited edition sticker and a mock up of the chewy cookie in the top right.


The cookies themselves as a bit of a greenish hue, and have a sugar cookie base and consistency. Inside the sugar cookie are small bits of tart granny smith apple and chewy bits of sweet caramel, to mimic the experience of eating a caramel apple. Once you open the package and place them in the oven, the ready to bake cookies just need twenty minutes to cook.

There is currently no listed retail price for these Pillsbury salted caramel apple cookies, and there is also no end date for the limited edition flavor, although it will be available through at least November.