Pillsbury Releases Lucky Charms Cookie Dough

General Mills popular cereal brand Lucky Charms had quite the year in 2019. First,  the company held a contest for a limited number of winners to get a marshmallow only box of the iconic cereal. Then the brand capitalized on that popularity and released a marshmallows only bag for purchase in select stores.

A limited-edition Lucky Charms beer also made a short run from a local Virginia brewery called Smartmouth, and the idea quickly became a viral sensation. Now, Pillsbury is adding itself into the magically delicious run, and has a released a Pillsbury Lucky Charms cookie dough in stores across the country.

Each package of cookie dough comes with twelve individual big cookies, with a sugar cookie base and several Lucky Charms assorted marshmallows inside. This is a limited-edition product, although it is unclear for just how long they will be available on store shelves.


Eagle-eyed social media users have already spotted these ready to bake cookies at Walmart stores nationwide, and regionally they are also available at Hy-Vee stores. Interestingly, the bag is a bright red color just like the cereal box and features a laughing Pillsbury doughboy. Also, these Pillsbury cookies don’t actually include all of the Lucky Charms marshmallows, just a select few. Neither Pillsbury or Lucky Charms has explained the reason for this.

The five lucky marshmallows in the cookie dough are the pink balloon, purple horseshoe, green four-leaf clover hat, the mini rainbow, and the blue crescent moon. Two of these cookie dough bags will run you just five dollars, and they are limited-edition so you should be sure to buy a bunch in case they run out or do not have another run of these colorful cookies. Also, all major retailers and grocery store chains across the United States will be rolling out these cookies in January.