Pillsbury Releases Limited Edition Hot Cocoa Cookies

The holidays have officially arrived. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and every single baking item in grocery stores nationwide is one sale. The holiday food trends are also in full swing, with seasonal holiday favorite flavors returning, as well as brand new concoctions filled with sugary, chocolatey goodness.

Pillsbury, the iconic baking brand, has officially announced the return of the popular hot cocoa cookies for the 2019 holiday season. These ready to bake Pillsbury cookies are limited edition and will be available for the holiday season only, and there is no guarantee that they will be back next year.

The Pillsbury hot cocoa cookies are large size cookies, so each package will contain just twelve cookies inside. The raw cookie dough contains chocolate cookie dough mixed with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Basically, these cookies are if you made a cup of hot cocoa and put it into in cookie form instead of a drink.


Right now, these Pillsbury cookies are available at Walmart locations across the country, and regionally, they have been found at Hy-Vee stores. The official retail price is two dollars and fifty cents a package. There is no official end date for these hot cocoa cookies, so be sure to snatch them up so you can enjoy them during and after the holiday season.

The Pillsbury hot cocoa cookies are available in a light blue package with miniature white snowflakes all over the package. The famous Pillsbury doughboy is in the bottom corner holding up a mini marshmallow while others rest at his feet. There are two blown up hot cocoa cookies with the Pillsbury logo and name as well.

Snack centric social media accounts have already given rave reviews to these hot cocoa cookies, praising them for both flavor and texture. These cookies are easy to pop in the oven for some delicious dessert on a cold day.