Pillsbury Launches Oreo Cookie Dough Product

Oreo is known as America’s favorite cookie. The popular chocolate and vanilla creme sandwich cookie has been around for decades and is available in dozens of different flavors and even some different colors.

Oreos are also a bit option to use in baked goods, due to the cookie texture of the sandwiches, from adding to other cookies, cake pops, cakes and more. Oreos are one of the most popular cookie options to buy at the supermarket as well. Another popular supermarket option is cookie dough, which you can find a big variety on in the refrigeration section.

Pillsbury’s ready to bake cookie dough is delicious and comes in lots of different varieties, including seasonal and limited edition flavors. Now, cookie dough and Oreo are teaming up for a new cookie adventure.

There is already a similar collaboration, as Oreo released a cookie dough flavored Oreo a few years back, which has remained a popular option for fans. But this is the first time the cookie will be appearing in unbaked cookie dough. The Pillsbury Cookie Dough with Oreo pieces comes in one pack of ready to bake cookies, which makes twelve large cookies.


These Pillsbury Cookie Dough cookies with Oreo pieces will be available in all major grocery store chains nationwide including Kroger and Food Lion, as well as major retailers like Walmart and Target stores. Many regional chains have already begun carrying this product, as fans have added pictures of it to social media websites.

Right now, these Pillsbury cookie dough with Oreo pieces cookies have a retail price of around three dollars a package, and are available with the other Pillsbury ready to bake cookies in the grocery store. Also, these Pillsbury cookies are safe to eat raw, if you’d rather not bake them.