Picking Out The Perfect Pineapple

One of the best things about summertime is the fresh fruit that can be seen and enjoyed.  And one of my favorite fruits to eat fresh is that of pineapples.  However, the idea of trying to pick one out to take home is more than daunting.

The is nothing more disheartening than getting your newly picked and purchased pineapple home, and it either be not ripe enough or way too ripe.  Undoubtedly I am not the only one this happens to, but there is hope on the horizon, as we show you the best steps for picking out the best pineapple possible below.

Image: YouTube

Smell Of The Bottom

Yep, you read that right.  Simply smell the bottom of the fruit.  A pineapple should smell like a pineapple.  If you catch a whiff of some other smell, such as being fermented, move on to the next one.  Also keep in mind that the bottom of the pineapple should be bright in color, not brown.

Squeeze It Real Good

According to those in the know about pineapples, and contrary to belief, you can not go by the overall color on the exterior of the fruit to judge its ripeness.  This is because once the fruit is picked, the ripening process stops.  In fact, a green pineapple can actually be just as ripe as a yellow one.  When picking your pineapple out, look for green leaves and a firm outer shell.  When squeezed, it should feel firm to the touch, but with a slight bit of give as well.

Take Stock Of Its Weight

As with most everything else in nature, the heavier the weight, the more water it contains, resulting in it being even juicier.  Compare the pineapples to one another, judging by the weight of each one as to which has the possibility of being the juiciest.