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Pets Are Members Of The Family

The American Pet Products Association conducted a survey and learn that an estimated nearly 85 million households in America are home to pets and those humans who love them.

The survey also showed what many are already pretty aware of—three out of four people who have a dog or cat considers them not just pets but as members of the core family.

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It only follows, then, that when scientific research proves that having a pet is good for your health, pet owners are not at all surprised.  The department head of psychology at Miami University in Ohio, Allen McConnell, states:

“When we are in the presence of a pet, our stress levels drop.  So you can measure things like cortisol in the bloodstream, and it’s lower when you’re petting an animal than when you’re not.”

According to McConnell, there are other benefits as well to having a pet:

“Pet owners, compared to non-pet owners, have higher self-esteem.  They tend to get more exercise.  They’re less lonely.  They can engage with difficult math problems better than people who don’t have pets around them.”

McConnell’s latest work is studying and looking at anthropomorphizing—the process where human qualities are projected onto animals such as pets.  He found that the more the pet was viewed as a member of the family, there more benefits were realized.

He also found that referring to them as “fur babies” wasn’t so ridiculous after all.

There has been news that with COVID-19, adoption rates for pets are up.  Not true, as it turns out.

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Small dogs always seem to have no problem finding their new forever homes.  However, the bigger and older dogs are not so lucky, especially the pit bull breeds.

On the other hand, studies show fewer people are giving up their pets since the coronavirus pandemic.