30 Jawdropping, Perfectly Timed Sports Photos


You know those photos and videos where you want to yell, “Duck!” to the screen, hoping the person will somehow magically hear you?  This is one of those photos.  Safe to say, taking selfies in a baseball park while facing away from the field may not be the best idea.  (If you don’t see it yet, look over her right shoulder).

Total Pro Sports

Dad’s The Best Hero

Chances are, you’ve already seen this photo of Hero Dad.  While he’s not a professional sports player (we think), he definitely has the “Dad reaction time” down to an art.  The photo of Shaun Cunningham saving his oblivious son went viral last spring.  We’re guessing his son is paying more attention to baseball games now.


Ping Pong Frog Pose

When it comes to playing table tennis, the intensity might surprise you.  Take, for example, this player, who appears to be swimming like a frog as he stares intently at the little white ball.  Table tennis, or ping pong, might seem like a bit of a joke sport.  Don’t let it fool you: it’s intense!

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