Pepsi Introduces Driftwell Drink To Help You Sleep At Night

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? It’s a common problem and can have many contributing factors. However, one of the most common reasons people can’t sleep through the night is because they consume too many chemicals like caffeine throughout the day.

Now, soda giant PepsiCo has an answer to that. The Pepsi brand recently announced a brand new product that is specifically designed to help you sleep through the night. This new product is an enhanced water beverage called Driftwell.

Driftwell is a drink that is being marketed as a beverage that will help you de-stress and fall asleep. Right now, the drink is only going to be available in a blackberry lavender flavor, and it will be available in a seven and half ounce can. The real secret behind Driftwell however, is that it is loaded with 200 milligrams of L-theanine, as well as a good dose of magnesium.


What is L-theanine? It is an amino acid which can be found in green and black teas, as well as certain natural mushrooms. This amino acid supposedly helps the body boost levels of serotonin, dopmine, and GABA, which are all the good feeling chemicals in the brain. These chemicals signal the body to calm down and chill out, and when your body does this, then you can much more easily sleep. It can also decrease the levels of brain chemicals linked to stress and anxiety.

According to Emily Silver, vice president of innovation and capabilities at Pepsi’s North American beverages unit, “From a scientific and regulatory perspective, we feel really good about making that claim around L-theanine, specifically, we have safety in clinical data to prove that it works.” The new drink, Driftwell will be launched online only in December 2020, with a full rollout for stores coming during the first quarter of 2021.