Peppermint Bark Oreo Variety Box Debuts at Sam’s Club

Thanksgiving has finally arrived, which means that the Christmas holiday season is right around the corner! That also means that store shelves are going to be filled even more with cookies, candy canes, chocolate, and all other types of sweets that are typical for the holiday season.

Move over pumpkin spice, it’s peppermint’s time to shine. In previous years, company maker Nabisco has released Peppermint Oreos, which are chocolate cookies with peppermint-flavored creme inside of them. Oreo has also introduced the limited-edition flavor of peppermint bark, which is white chocolate and candy cane pieces mixed into the white creme.

This year, Wholesaler Sam’s Club is bringing back the Peppermint Bark Oreos, but presenting them in a whole new way. Sam’s Club recently announced the giant variety box of Oreo winter treats, which includes the limited edition peppermint bark Oreos, as well as the Joy! Oreos, which are chocolate cookies with bright red creme in the middle.

Source: HashtagEN

The product description reads “Featuring bright red creme filling and five different festive designs, Oreo Joy cookies will complete any dessert platter. There’s also Peppermint Bark-Flavored Creme Oreo Cookies, which combine a classic holiday treat with the chocolate cookie you know and love.”

The Oreo Cookie Winter Treats Variety Box has an official retail price of $11.98 at all participating Sam’s Club stores. Customers can also have the new variety box shipped right to their home with free shipping as well.

Another new concept is that this Oreo Winter Variety Box actually offers forty-five packages of Oreo cookies, but not in the traditional rectangle box. There are pouches that contain two Oreo cookies each, and the flavors are either the Joy! red creme Oreos with surprise winter design carved into each side of the chocolate cookies, or the peppermint bark flavored cookies.