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Parents Sing Songs Of Joy As LEGO Brand Announces A New Product—No More Screams Of Agony

Anyone who has ever stepped on a Lego in their lifetime can pretty much agree that the pain is unlike any other.  Lego has heard your pleas, and your screams, and has stepped up–no pun intended.  Still in the testing stage is their latest, and soon to be greatest, product—the anti-LEGO slippers.  Yep, you heard me right!!

Think about it—no more fear of possible horrifying pain as you transverse the floors through your home.  No more shooting, debilitating, mind-numbing pain when you unknowingly step on one of those type instruments of torture, which more often than not results in bringing tears to your eyes.

Image: YouTube

The company needs testers, and by merely signing up for the wish list on their website, you could possibly be chosen to judge the actual effectiveness these new-fangled slippers actually are.  If the results of the test group prove to be successful, then LEGO intends to mass produce the slippers and put them on the market.  This way, individuals will no longer have to go through the torture of accidental contact with the toys pieces, and as a result no more pain.


The primary question many are asking at this point is how will these lovely preventers of torture be marketed?  Will they come standard in each and every LEGO production type kit, or will they have to be purchased separately?  This one question may end up being the make it or break it point on how successful the item will be to both kids and parents alike.

So, it seems there may be hope of a future without the pain that most parents know called LEGO’s.  Until then, you will have to continue the old school approach—make sure all the LEGO’s have been picked up as well as not walking into a room without a light on.