Parents Should Know These Things About Day Care Centers

Childcare center workers make parents’ lives easier, but what should parents do if they want their childcare provider to be a good relationship builder?

We all wonder how to deal with drop-off tears, what kids should wear to daycare each morning, and how to show our appreciation to teachers and staff.

Here’s what daycare workers wish parents come to centers to know about childcare.

No Worries About Drop-Offs

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Haley Paige, head of curriculum development, says it’s common for daycare parents to encounter tantrums and tears at morning drop-off.

Paige said, “Try not to worry if the drop-off is difficult. Indeed, sometimes they don’t want to go to daycare, but the tears are often over within minutes, and they’re off playing with their friends.”

Sometimes It’s Important To Say “No”

It’s common for parents to avoid saying “no” to their children to prevent temper tantrums and meltdowns, but this rarely helps in the long run. It’s helpful for childcare workers if children have experience of being told “no” and dealing with it. A Boston daycare worker with over 20 years of experience says it’s helpful for workplaces.

Dress Your Kids Properly

Your kid might get dirty. Put kids in clothes that are easy to wash after they return home from school covered in mud, paint, or markers. The children also play outside at a daycare center to get fresh air and sun.

Keep Sick Kids At Home

Keep your sick child at home. It is imperative to take precautions during this period of Coronavirus pandemic and flu season to ensure everyone’s safety, especially those at your daycare.

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Despite Vacations, You Still Have To Pay

The employees at a daycare center also need to be paid for vacations, just like you do with your employer. Taking a week off from work is like sending your child to a private school: You still pay tuition.

Daycare Workers Usually Love Their Jobs

It’s impossible to speak for all daycare workers, but most want to care for children and did not enter this profession by accident.

Paige said, “We work daily to nurture your kiddos and give them the tools to thrive. It is nice to hear from families that what we’re doing is making a difference in their lives. It’s why we do what we do.”