Parent Creates App That Locks Child’s Phone Until They Reply to Parent Messages

In today’s world, everyone seems to be glued to their smartphone screen. It’s becoming so normal that children of all ages also have smartphones. These smartphones can be excellent communication tools when you’re not in the same room as someone, but it is also creating a visible communication rift between children and their parents.

Kids today are so absorbed in their phone screens, they won’t respond to their parents, and now one dad is aiming to change all of that, with an app. Nick Herbert created an app called ReplyASAP, which has the ability to lock your child’s phone until they respond to their parents’ text messages.

According to Nick Herbert, the app makes messages “unmissable between people that matter, since important messages shouldn’t be missed.” Basically, the app can freeze the phone and sound an alarm if the phone is on silent, until a response is given to important messages.



The phone stays frozen until the user responds to the message. Right now, the app is only available for Android phones and has been available in the Google Play store since August 2017. Since then, the app has been downloaded more than 75,000 times.

The app itself is completely free, although users can upgrade and play a few dollars to have increased functionality. The free version of the app still freezes the phone until important messages are answered. This is a great way for children to be forced to respond to important texts or messages during emergency situations instead of ignoring their parents.


There are four different paid versions. The bronze which is one dollar, and allows messages between one parent and one child. The silver is $2.49, and connects up to four people to send and receive messages. The gold is $6.99 and connects up to 10 people to be able to send and receive messages. Finally, the platinum version is $12.99 and is ideal for businesses to send messages to employees or up to 20 different people.