Outdoor Activities To Encourage Family Bonding For Kids

Getting to know your kid’s personality is a great way to build a solid and lasting relationship. If you think everyone in the household is always doing their own thing without any real-time spent together.

Take a look at these fun outdoor activities to do together. They will keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

In addition, they’re a great alternative to digital activities because they keep kids off the electronics and outside for some awesome weather fun.

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Jumping Rope

You may remember jumping rope as another tremendous outdoor activity when you were younger.

Show your kids the double dutch jump rope, a trickier but fun activity! Every family member can get the hang of jumping over the rope with their jump rope. A large string can also be used for jumping together.

Water Balloon Fights

Water balloon battles are always fun. The dollar store has a bunch of balloons you can fill with water and supply each member of the family with their bucket.

Play water balloons in the backyard or on the front lawn and soak each other. It’s a great way to cool down when it’s hot out!


Get the kids involved in a gardening project. Let the kids help you dig, plant seeds, water, and more. They can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Decorate your backyard area with the kids by doing crafts and painting the fence to make it look brighter and inviting. Let each child select at least one plant they’d like to grow in the garden to feel more involved!

Kite Flying

Try flying some kites on a relatively windy day. Children enjoy watching kites as they fly through the air and sail in the wind.

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The kids will enjoy this activity even more if you take them to the park, where they can fly their kites on the open fields.

Paddle Ball

Play with the paddle balls in the backyard or even on your front lawn. Make it a family-friendly competition by seeing who can paddle the longest.

If you don’t have paddle balls, look online or at your local dollar store.