Oreo’s Mystery Cookie Flavor For 2019 Was Churros

Another year, another Oreo flavor revealed. For most of 2019, there was a contest to see if customers could guess the mystery Oreo flavor on store shelves across the country. The Oreos were packaged in a solid white color instead of the traditional blue, and black and white outlined question marks appeared on the packages instead of the usual flavors listed.

The person who correctly guessed which Oreo filling flavor was in the bag would get a chance to win fifty thousand dollars. Just before the end of 2019, Oreo revealed that the mystery flavor was in fact a churro flavored Oreo. This churro flavor was actually a rumored guess of die-hard Oreo fans and made several lists of flavors that customers wished they could try as Oreos.

The contest to guess the mystery flavor ended November 10, and the mysterty flavor was revealed to be Churro Oreos in December. This is the second time that Oreo has held a contest for customers to guess a new flavor of Oreo, which will be available for a limited time.


The first contest happened back in 2017, and resulted in the limited release of Fruity Pebbles Oreos. In addition, the cookie brand tends to release new seasonal flavors each year, as well as bringing back well-received flavors from previous years as well. Oreo released five new flavors at the beginning of 2019, including mint chocolate chip and maple creme.

While the winner of the $50,000 dollars has not been publicly announced, the cookie company did confirm that the winner, and there was only one, has been notified and will receive the full amount of the prize money. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the mystery Oreo contest and specifications, or they want to get updates about the next event can visit for more information.

Credit: Nabisco