Oreo Unveils Easter Egg Shaped Pink Cookies for Easter

Seasonal Oreo flavors are always a surprise to learn about since the Oreo cookie is such a versatile dessert. Oreo cookies can be made in many different colors and shapes, with a filling flavor becoming just about any flavor imaginable and even have bits of other foods in them.

The latest seasonal Oreo cookie to arrive on the market is the limited edition Easter egg Oreo. It’s one of the few times that Oreo cookies have also released a cookie which an alternate shape than the classic circle. In the spirit of the holiday of Easter, the new cookies will be in the shape of an egg, the unofficial shape of the Easter holiday.


These colorful Oreos will have a bright yellow packaging, and be decorated like an Easter egg, with lots of colorful lines and dots. A large pink, egg shaped cookie is on the front of the package with the limited edition tag on the top of the package. These Easter egg Oreos will have a golden cracker cookie which is dyed pink, and has a vanilla creme center in the cookie.

These pink Easter egg Oreos will be arriving in stores across the country in the middle of January, and the Easter celebration isn’t until April 12. The Easter egg Oreos are limited edition, so they will be available to the public at least until the middle of April, so be sure to pick them up.

The Easter egg Oreos will be available in convenient stores, grocery stores (including regional chains), big box retailers like Target and Walmart, as well as online retailers like Amazon. These packages will be available in the standard nine-ounce package, and have a retail price similar to all other Oreos. These colorful cookies are also not expected to taste any different than other Oreos.