Oreo Rumored to Release “The Most Stuf” Oreo Cookie

Oreo is about to change the cookie game forever. The popular cookie company is constantly releasing new flavor combinations, limited edition cookies and holding contests for new flavor ideas. But now instead of a new flavor, Oreo is supersizing its classic cookie. The “Most Stuf” Oreo has the most cream filling of any Oreo ever released.

There is no official word on when these cookies will be released or how long they will available. Popular Instagram foodie account @TheJunkFoodAisle is the first social media account to post a product photo of the new cookie, which is packed with what looks like at least twice as much white filling as double stuffed Oreos.

The picture includes two Oreos stacked on top of each other, with the name “Most Stuf Oreo” in large white text. Up until now, the idea of a hugely stuffed Oreo has always been a homemade idea, with Oreo lovers deconstructing Oreos to save the white cream filling and stack it tall themselves between two chocolate cookies.

Nabisco, the company that owns Oreo was unavailable to provide a comment on the leaked news, although it is not strange for large food companies to send out new products to popular blogs and influencers in an effort to build social media buzz for the new products.

Until today, Oreo cookie lovers had the choice of regular Oreos, with some filling, in a huge variety of ever-increasing flavors or the ever popular double stuffed Oreos with twice the filling. The largest Oreo size until this new product was the mega stuffed Oreo, which had more filling than a double stuffed Oreo.

However, the Most Stuf Oreo definitely wins as the cookie with the most cream filling by far, if the product photo is any indication. There is also no word on whether or not these Most Stuf Oreos will include a variety of popular flavors.