Oreo Launches Three New Flavors For 2020

Another year, another batch of new Oreo flavors! America’s favorite cookie has always been known for its versatile flavors and out of the box cookie combinations. Over the past few years, the company has also run contests for customers to choose the newest flavors to be released in stores.

With a new year and a new decade, Nabisco has recently announced not one, not two, but three new flavors coming to store shelves across the United States come January 2020. The first new flavor will be a caramel coconut Oreo, with a caramel coconut flavored creme center in the cookie with bits of coconut pieces inside as well.

The second new flavor to be announced was the chocolate marshmallow Oreo, which is also changing up the versatile Oreo formula by adding flavor to the cookie as well as the creme. The marshmallow pieces will also be inside of the cookie sandwich, with a chocolate marshmallow creme center.

Source: Nabisco

The third new flavor is actually a limited-edition flavor, so customers should be sure to try it out before the flavor is gone for good. It’s a tiramisu flavored Oreo, and is actually already available overseas in some countries already.  Tiramisu is a dessert with a multiple layers, and it will also be an Oreo with multiple layers of creme in the center.

Tiramisu Oreos will have the traditional chocolate cookie with a layer of vanilla creme and a coffee flavored creme in the center. However, these Tiramisu Oreos will not be arriving in the United States until April 2020, and it’s unclear just how long these limited edition Oreos will be available to buy in stores. Like all other Oreo flavors, all of these three new options will have similar retail prices and be available in major retailers as well as national and regional grocery chain stores.