Oreo Dunk Kits Have Returned For the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is still a full month away, but the marketing is in full swing. Cookies and milk is a beloved food combination that children and adults alike have enjoyed for generations. The idea of dipping a chocolate Oreo cookie into a glass of milk is a great combination and one that is apparently easy to market.

For the second year in a row, the Oreo cookie company wants to make it easier for customers to fulfill their Oreo dunking dreams, by releasing the Ultimate Dunking Set, which combines the cookie, mug, tongs for dunking the cookie and even a napkin. Both lazy and effective.

According to a Walmart spokesperson, the release of the dunking kit was so popular last year that it sold out quickly, and people went nuts for it on social media. “This item was nearly impossible to find last year after customers went crazy for it!”


The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Sets will be available exclusively at Walmart starting on November 1, and the product will have a retail price of $17.98. The set is in a dark blue package, which contains thirteen Oreo cookies, 2 glass mugs, 2 cookie cages, 2 cookie tongs, and 2 napkins. This dunking set is perfect for indulging in some Oreo cookie and milk dunking with a friend.

Customers can easily place the Oreo cookies inside the blue cookie cage, so that they do not roll away, and the blue cookie cage attaches perfectly to the side of the glass mug, which also has the logo of a large Oreo cookie on the side of it. Then you simply fill the mug with milk and pick up one of the red cookie tongs and pick up an Oreo from the cookie cage, and dunk it into the milk. That way there is no mess to clean up!