Onward Arriving for Rent Now, On Disney+ in April

With numerous studios either halting their theatrical plans as theaters close amid the pandemic, a lot of the focus seems to be shifting to video on demand. We’re already seeing current running films of The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma heading for an early video release. Disney isn’t immune to this strategy either considering the quick buck they could make on families vying for entertainment. They recently did so by ramping up the home video release of Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker slightly early. But now they’re pushing onto home video a more recent film.

Disney’s Onward, the contemporary fantasy adventure from the Pixar studio, is well on its way into the home to provide kids and families more animated entertainment options during this time. The film released a few weeks ago to mostly positive reviews. The CGI animated film follows two brothers on a quest to revive their dead father for one day only. And with only have a dad conjured, they need to seek out a powerful stone that can make their closure complete.

Onward is releasing on VOD this Friday and is expected to hit the streaming service Disney+. So if your kids were seeking to catch this film but never got the chance, now is your chance to make up for missing the latest from Disney and Pixar.