Olivia Munn Gets Candid About Breastfeeding Struggles

Olivia Munn enjoys her motherhood journey with her newborn baby boy Malcolm Hiep Mulaney. She has been posting the photo constantly.

Recently Olivia Munn shared her struggles with breastfeeding in her Instagram post.


Olivia Munn and her husband John Mulaney welcomed their new child on November 24. She took to social media to share an aspect of motherhood that has been challenging to her.

She posts a photo on her Instagram with a frustrated-looking selfie mentioning, “Breastfeeding is so hard, especially if you have a low supply. Eight weeks in, I took a million vitamins, countless teas, tablets, and tinctures and worked with two lactation consultants.”

Olivia Munn included a photo of the various supplements she took and asked if other mothers are trying the same method, “yet barely make milk.” In response, many of them said yes.

Olivia Munn is not the first celebrity mother to express frustration over breastfeeding.

In June, Ashley Tisdale wrote a blog on her lifestyle website ‘Frenshe’ about her journey with breastfeeding. She reminds herself of having a conversation with her husband about “striving and not thriving with this breast milk situation,” but is determined to make it work.

In September, Munn told ‘Yahoo Life’ that she had not yet come up with a solution in her breastfeeding process.

She follows the tips of her friends not to compare her pregnancy to that of others. Hopefully, she is doing the same during motherhood.


Munn says, “These things people talk about my experience is different. Some of it is true, but some are not.”