Not Seeing Results? A Few Tips To Change Up Your Fitness Routine

We live in the ever-evolving world of technology, and you can access any piece of information you need from your smartphone. There is no shortage of health and fitness information on the internet, and it doesn’t take long to find fitness goals and weight loss inspo posts by scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

But how do you know what works for your body, and which weight-loss tactics are a scam? It’s time to get back to basics with these three fitness tips, and you are bound to see better results if you follow these simple steps!

Time To Clean Up Your Diet


The buzz about eating clean is backed up by revitalized health and amazing fitness results. It’s no secret that a diet rich in nutritious, natural ingredients can help you lose extra weight and feel amazing, but many people find it hard to breeze past the frozen food aisle without buying processed meals and easy-to-make entrees.

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to eat clean and still enjoy your food. Start checking all of your nutrition labels for excess ingredients, and ditch any items that contain ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables for an all-natural snack or side dish.

Avoid fast food and start cooking at home more often. You will see the difference in your energy and your waistline, and you won’t believe what delicious meals you will be able to whip up in the comfort of your own home!

Change Up Your Exercise Routine

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You may have a top-notch exercise routine, but if you aren’t switching it up once in awhile you could be sabotaging your fitness goals. You may have reached a plateau because you have mastered one form of exercise or stick to one fitness routine. It’s time to branch out.

Start off slow by running at a different pace or lifting a larger weight amount. Don’t overdo it, but implementing small changes to your exercise routine is a good way to work your muscles in different ways.

Variety is the spice of life, and the route to achieving your fitness goals. Try increasing the amount of time you run on the treadmill or increase your intensity on the stationary bike. Challenging yourself and exploring what you are capable of is key to losing extra weight!

Make Sleep A Priority


Your relationship with sleep can greatly affect your ability to stay in shape. If you are not receiving the necessary amount of sleep your body needs, you may be more likely to give into cravings and skip a workout.

Try to keep a solid sleep schedule to help your weight loss efforts. Turn all of your electronics off at bedtime and avoid scrolling through your phone. Avoid caffeine after 2 p.m. to get your body ready to rest.

Once you get enough sleep you may notice you have more energy and the will to choose better foods, and this will help you reach your fitness goals and improve your overall health!