Nobody Likes Doing Laundry—Here Is Another Reason To Add To The List

A resident of California, Sean Ishol, was in the process of putting in a load of laundry, which admittedly most people dread when a uniquely new reason to forego the dreaded chore raised its head—that of a mountain lion.

Ishol was initially alerted to the fact that something was wrong, by the whimpering of his two dogs, who were also crouched down.  After his usual maintenance of clearing the lint trap, and setting the timer on the dryer, Ishol decided to investigate to see just what it was that had his pups in such a state.  Helping with the investigation was Ishol’s wife Bobbi, who was on the other side of the garage.

Image: Youtube

Bending down and peering behind the appliances, Ishol saw what appeared to be a dark shadow with two eyes gazing back at him.  In an instant, Ishol recognized the creature as a mountain lion, and slowly backing away informed his wife to do the same.

Ishol told Fox news that the cat was close enough for him to have petted and that he estimated the cats frame to be all of five foot eight inches in length.  Ishol stated both he and his wife gave the mountain lion ample space, with his wife moving to the other side of the garage for safety.

However, the door was locked where she was, and when Ishol realized she was trapped, he placed himself between the cat and his wife until they could both maneuver to an exit, fleeing into the house.

Image: Fox News

Ishol was aware if the couple didn’t make any unexpected moves, odds were on their side that the situation would no progress any further.  He stated that his thoughts were at the time—worst case scenario he would position himself between his wife and the cat.  Luckily the situation remained calm, and after calling animal control, the mountain lion was quickly contained and removed.