Newest Entry Into The Star Trek Franchise Brings Back A Familiar Face

CBS All Access dropped the trailer for its latest offering in the Star Trek universe, and from the looks of it, fan favorite Captain Picard will indeed be back.  Titled “Star Trek—Picard” the new series marks Patrick Stewart yet again returning to his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard.  Fans everywhere are rejoicing, as who doesn’t need a little bit of Jean-Luc in their lives these days—right?

What makes the trailer release even more special is that it comes 25 years to the day after the last episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” aired on television on May 24, 1994.  The trailer would seem to indicate that this is a sequel, not a prequel as most of the offerings in the last few years have been.  And, it would also seem that, going by this trailer, that Picard is no longer at the helm of the Enterprise, or any starship whatsoever.  It seems the new life he is seeking is, in fact, that of his own.

Image: YouTube

Setting aside that the new series is bringing back one of the Star Trek franchise’s most popular and endearing characters, “Star Trek—Picard” will, in fact, move the Trek Universe timeline forward, rather than backward as the most recent entry “Star Trek: Discovery” did.

Viewers learn in the voiceover on the trailer that the series picks up 15 years after Picard has left Starfleet—retiring as an Admiral none the less—having commanded the “greatest rescue armada in human history”—and coming to the much need aid of a desperate civilization.  There is also a hint that the reference rescue mission may, in fact, have coincided with the events that led to the destruction of Romulus, which in turn sent Spock hurling into the Kelvin timeline where he landed in the most recent Star Trek movies.

“Star Trek: Picard” is set to stream on CBS All Access later this year.