New Year Resolutions To Live Longer, Says Experts

Many of us make New Year resolutions, but very few of them take them seriously and follow.

Dr. Mayra Mendez, licensed psychotherapist, and program coordinator, say, “Effective resolutions include specific plans or activities, and are realistic and attainable. The individual living best determines new Year resolutions by them.”

Mendez continues, “Eat This Not That! Health. It is never too late to form good habits and positive lifestyle changes.” She points out five simple steps to follow in New Year.


Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Mendez says, “Mental Health is the foundation of emotional well-being. When considering New Year’s resolutions, mental health plays a key role as functional mental health supports physical, intellectual, emotional, and relational well-being. Your mental health informs the quality of coping patterns and skills, emotional regulation, problem-solving skills, and resiliency to confront, manage and solve challenges.”

Take Time For Self-Care

It is a crucial resolution as our world is highly fast-paced and ever challenging. Ensuring time to complete desired tasks and activities by selecting specific days and hours according to a realistic schedule can provide a sense of satisfaction. To do this, find 2-3 self-care options and develop a real follow-up plan.

Get More Quality Sleep

Sleep is crucial for physical and emotional health. It is better to stop all your activities 30 minutes before bedtime to get quality sleep which can be achieved by identifying the obstacles that interrupt sleep and engaging in quality sleep experiences.

Engaging in Genuine Social Interactions

All of you are involved in technology, social media, and TV. So, stop all these and make a conscious effort to communicate and interact in person. Get involved in joining a social club, gym, attending lectures, and getting together with family and friends.


Prioritize Stress Management

Dr. Mendez says, “Consider a resolution that supports setting limits and boundaries effectively and kindly identify where there is room to add tasks and where you should draw the line. Take time to consider obligations, daily duties, personal desires, family and work responsibilities to establish a list of priorities regarding how to go about meeting life expectations that promotes balance and efficiency.”