New Netflix Series Is Number One On Streaming Platform

Clickbait has gone viral.  The newest original series offered by online streaming platform Netflix shot to the number one spot on the platform just mere days after it premiered.  And, it appears it has no intention of slowing down at this point.

Although the reviews are mixed, the one thing fans can agree upon is that they are loving the series.

Clickbait is a drama centering around the dissonance of current day social media, the chasm between a persons online personal behavior and that of real life.  The cast includes Zoe Kazan, Betty Gabriel, Phoenix Raei, Abraham Lim, Adrian Greenier, and Motell G Foster.

The series consists of eight episodes, each episode clocking in at approximately 45 minutes. The series seems to have struck a raw nerve with its viewers, many of which find themselves in awe of how much social media has succeeded in its altering of society on the most basic of levels.

Image: The Guardian

Clickbait is not only the number one series currently on Netflix, but is the number two title overall following just behind He’s All That.  Keep in mind that the number of people viewing a title on Netflix is never clear, as the services analytics are not always reported.

However, judging by list placement and the chattering on social media sites, Clickbait is definitely logging a lot of time around the virtual water cooler.

The storyline struggles with the effects of control of online impulses, the pitfalls of fame, and the current ethics of punishing abusers. One of the complaints about the series is that many of these topics failed to be addressed fully by the series.

One individual offered that the title Clickbait solely applied to the premiere episode, as the episodes that followed fell into a traditional whodunit type of scenario.